Pubg mobile ads sensitivity settings

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Pubg mobile ads sensitivity settings

PUBG Mobile is one of the most prohibitively difficult games to get into as a new player. Since the game is trending worldwide, there are a lot of newcomers on the block trying to become a pro at it. Before finding out your best sensitivity and controls, there are three basic settings you need to immediately tweak to get the best out of your performance. Aim Assist: It is recommended to disable the aim-assist at all time. It does make your recoil control and close combat easier, but when two enemies get too close to each other, you will mess up your aim.

This, in turn, will make your aim accurate. When enemies are behind low walls, you can jump and shoot without climbing over it to the other side and get yourself killed.

Gyroscope: This is an added feature in the game that enables you to switch targets with the tilt of your phone. Gyroscope boost your reaction time.

pubg mobile ads sensitivity settings

You have the option to choose layouts, right from thumb set-up, all the way up to the 6-finger claw set-up. After completing the customizations of your layout, the next thing is to find the perfect sensitivity. In the camera section, third and first-person no scope sensitivity is a very important factor for close combat and it plays a part in the accuracy of your hip fire.

It is recommended to have a lower sensitivity for a better accuracy. In the gyroscope section, crank up almost every sliders to max keep it low while using bolt action. You can control recoil better with the combination of ADS and the gyroscope. Note : Adjust your ADS sensitivity to 1 or as less as possible while using gyroscope. India lagging far behind on testing. Punjab CM on coronavirus crisis. Read More. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.We started to get a little OT in another threadbut it was a good topic in and of itself so I thought I'd start a new topic for it.

Do the PUBG experts have settings suggestions for the rest of us? Should we be using Aim Acceleration and if so how much? Other sensitivity suggestions? I leave everything default now since blue hole fixed their sensitivity on scopes and most movements. I don not use aim acceleration or if I do, I keep it low.

pubg mobile ads sensitivity settings

I would lower the Left stick movement sensitivity, most players will find the movements more natural instead of dancing the left stick to get in a window. As for the setting, adjust it in game till it suits you. Your best bet is to start with default settings and tweak from there. Don't get discouraged, like me, you may never find the perfect settings.

I just kept my aim accel on 1 since that was the default and I got used to it like that. My general is 17 and my aim from the hip is Damn that is sensitive. Curious, do you have older controller with loose sticks or newer or what? I just recently turned acceleration off have always played with it on and practiced for awhile in training mode, tried it for a week and I just did not like it.

I used to play on low general 5 and high acceleration 8 but since my little experiment I have found my sweet spot : General 9 Acceleration 3.

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Can we get specifics on what Aim Acceleration does, and what the numbers mean. Sounds like I need to come up on my general from 4 lol.

Best PUBG Mobile Settings for Basics, Graphics, Controls, Sensitivity, and more

I struggle to maintain tight stick control in the heat of battle so lowered it from default but may need to try to learn to play with higher if I ever want to break thru. I run my AA on 1 these days but may also try increasing once I get used to a higher general sens since I read it seems to effect all other sensitivities. Nope I got a brand new white elite controller, my black one got stick drift and was out of warranty so I just got this white one sometime late November.

Generally a high hipfire and medium ads is good for most people. High hipfire helps you loot and navigate easier, medium ads helps you be accurate when trying to shoot. Which are set to max input before AA starts. If anything there should be a threshold you can set for when you want AA to begin effectively accelerating. Beyond the low framerate making it clunky to aimI am a mobile and PC gamer. I've been playing games pretty much all my life and now I'm trying to do something with it.

Puri problem solve kr di Bhai Aapne thanks bro. Search Here!! Like Me Tweet. This guide will help you understand each and everyone and show you how to set up your sensitivity for the best aim possible. This is the sensitivity of tilting your scope without using your thumb to move the camera.

Turning on gyroscope can greatly improve the accuracy of your shots and also help in recoil control by tilting phone downwards while spraying. Check out my aiming guide.

To set your camera sensitivity, pick up sight or scope, start moving your camera from target to target if you think, there needs an increase or decrease in camera speed, then go to camera settings and change it according to your taste. Once you get the proper control change the scope and repeat the process for other scopes. To set your ads sensitivity, again pick up a scope and start firing on a target. If the recoil seems unmanageable, increase the sensitivity.

Change the scope and repeat the process. Gyroscope is used to quickly acquire a target both in short-range and long-range. For close-range scopes pick a high sensitivity but for long-range scopes, pick low sensitivity for just adjusting the scope on the target.

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PUBG Mobile Best Settings – Graphics, Sensitivity…

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Here's a complete walkthrough of the sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile and the best proportions that could easily increase the number of kills.

The best way to zero down on the best sensitivity ratios is perhaps by getting into the training room, changing settings and checking right after. It is important to note that the settings mentioned below work best for Assault Rifles only. Camera Sensitivity relates to the look-around view of a player.

Here are the values:. Tweaking the sensitivity values of the Camera will alter a player's sensitivity while looking around while scoping in. A primary rule to gauge the right sensitivity would be this: the higher the scope, the lower the sensitivity. The logic behind this rule is that aiming accurately using scopes with higher capacities need very less movement since players will already be aiming somewhere close to their targets.

Best Sensitivity Setting for Pubg Mobile

Here are the best values:. Adjusting ADS sensitivity will determine how much control a player will have over recoil while firing. Changing the ADS sensitivity will not change the sensitivity of looking around but will affect the movement of guns while scoping in and firing. Tweaking the ADS sensitivity can adjust recoil and help players close in on targets faster.

Here are the best ADS sensitivity settings:.


Adjusting Gyroscope's sensitivity will determine how quickly the game will track movements to change screen orientations. Here are the best sensitivity settings for Gyroscope:. With leaks pointing at the arrival of more updates and map optimizations, a lot more is in store for the fans of PUBG Mobile. Esports Feature. Modified 31 MarIST. Contact Us. Edit Favorites. GDPR Compliance.PUBG Mobile is the most played game since the time it has launched. It has successfully drove people of every age and gender to itself.

PUBG has become like an addiction to people, and they spend hours of their time in playing it. People take out time from their daily routine especially to play this game and enjoy it. Mastering the game of PUBG requires a good device with the skills of the player. The parameters to measure a good device depends on its sensitivity settings. There are many mobile phones now made especially for games and have tremendous settings when it comes to games.

To experience the best of pubg mobile you need to make certain changes in your pubg phones that would enhance your gameplay. PUBG Mobile gained so much popularity in such a short life span that it is just unbelievable, this did not come easily, the developers of pubg spent days and night to make it the best game of the decade.

Pubg Mobile is known to be the best game because of its features like shooting mechanics, variety in maps and the gameplay. All these three features contribute towards making pubg the most renowned game ever.

With numerous weapons and all having distinct recoils it gives a very realistic touch to the game. The player has got the option to decide the battleground and there are various maps associated with the battles grounds.

pubg mobile ads sensitivity settings

The interesting part about these maps is that each one of them is different from the other and needs a different type of gameplay. The last but no0t the least amazing factor in this game is the players, their movements and the gameplay.

The theme of the game and the process to play it. The players cannot fly or suddenly skate rather they can walk and run, slow or fast and this quality of the game makes it realistic and more loved among people. Sensitivity settings are important to get winner winner chicken dinnerall the advanced players of pubg just does not win by their skills but also by the settings of their pubg mobile.

Suppose you are in the moment and you fired the gunshot but because of its speed you could not kill the enemy but the other person who is supposedly the pro or advanced player of the game kills the enemy at the same time. This is not luck, this is just the power of correct sensitivity settings.

Sensitivity is also important for a player to be in the game and play the game very smoothly.

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Make sure your aim is to enjoy the game and win it.So here in this guide, you will find the best PUBG Mobile settings right from the basics, graphics, controls, to sensitivity, and more. With Million downloads on Play Store, the developers brought support for more Android phones available in the market. However, there are just too many smartphones in the world with a different set of hardware.

So it takes manual efforts to optimize the game for each and every phone. With the following tutorial, we will help you optimize the game. This will also get rid of any lag, fix heating issues, fix FPS drop, and fix for high ping.

Doing this will also improve your gameplay.

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Here are the best PUBG Mobile settings from all the categories including basics, controls, graphics, sensitivity, and more. Also, first go through the network and connectivity settings from our COD Mobile fix tutorial. Best to look for in that guide is the Cloudflare DNS setup. Using the tool, you can set graphics to high, enable HDR graphics settings for compatible devices, and even enable extreme FPS options.

This is where the GFX tool comes in handy. This can reduce lag, fix frame rate drop, reduce texture, disable shadows, and enable GPU optimization; thus improving your gameplay. You can also increase the resolution of PUBG mobile to p if you want. The GFX tools simply edit the config file of the installed game in order to give you the best graphics optimization. It also has an option to optimize GPU that helps greatly.

Most importantly, it has helped with lag and touch issues in claw method more below. PUBG Mobile stable 0. Most importantly, you will now be able to set a higher FPS setting high frame rate options to extreme.

You should enable both and set it to either Tap or Hold.

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Once enabled, you will find three more options in the layout. Place the buttons at your convenience.Chicken dinners at pubg mobile are fun. Successfully defeating enemies is a pleasure. This must be supported by better sensitivity settings. In the pubg mobile game, there is a sensitivity setting. This is very necessary for games of type fps first person shooting.

Setting sensitivity to the touch of a hand on a smartphone screen will make it easier for us to control our account. The sensitivity setting of each person is different. Because this is very related to the comfort of people in playing. Settings also vary for each device. There is a quick response, some are a little slower. So to play this pubg mobile game is very personal. Not infrequently the player of this game before playing the game must look for the most appropriate sensitivity settings.

So that when dealing with an enemy it will be easier to control. But what must be understood before setting the sensitivity in pubg mobile games is the following:. Camera settings free look This setting will make it easier for you to see objects around. When you run you can press the eye button then look around. Well, the higher the sensitivity, the faster your camera moves in viewing the surrounding conditions.

Ads sensitivity This ads setting can only be felt when you are shooting. Sometimes when we shoot, the shot becomes shifted upwards, making us less able to focus shots on the real object.

Usually, this ad is set until it is comfortable.

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Like playing counter strike. So what only looks like is your weapon. Arrange according to your convenience. Scope The The setting of the scope consists of red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. The higher the scope number used, the more visibility the shot will be. A high scope is usually used for sniper weapons. Usually, the higher the scope used, the lowered the value. For example, when I use a 8x scope, I set it with sensitivity below 10 percent. Because just shifted just a little, the shot has moved very far.

Gyroscope This setting is useful for those who use the sensor gyroscope on the cellphone to aim at the enemy. Using a gyroscope for me is difficult, because we have to move our hands here and there to aim. Do it in training mode according to weapons that you often use with several movements and shots without using the scope first. Do it in tpp and fpp mode. Find a comfortable one with your hands.

You can start from the low setting first. If it feels too slow, try in the middle setting, then to high the most sensitive.

pubg mobile ads sensitivity settings

After that, install the scope starting from scope red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. See how smoothly you can move the direction of the shot using the scope. Then after getting stable. You just moved to the ads settings.


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